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Keep Your Back Healthy! Los Angeles, CA

Keep Your Back Healthy

Keep your Back Healthy!

Beverly Hills Spine Surgery

Exercise Regularly
Exercises that strengthen your neck and upper back, lower back, & core muscles, will improve spine health.
Eat Healthy
Consume lean proteins, vegetables & healthy fats
Sleep Well
Upgrade your mattress if it is no longer firm & make sure your pillow is adequately supporting your neck.
Stretch at Work
If you spend a great deal of time at a desk be sure to stretch your chest and shoulders.
Lift Properly
Don’t forget to breathe as you lift, & make sure you are well balanced. If something is too heavy, ask someone for help.
Stand More
Stand up and stretch and go for a short walk once per hour.
Stress Less
Stress impacts not only your mind but also your back; try meditation.
Lower your Heels
Heels can throw off your spinal alignment. Alternate between high & low heels & even more supportive shoes, during the week
Stop Smoking
Smokers are 3 times more likely to have chronic back pain than non-smokers. Smoking may also hasten degeneration in the lower spine.

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