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Stem cells exist in every person and have the ability to become different types of tissue. This is needed for healing, whether it is repairing muscles, bones, tendons or ligaments. One substance that contains a high volume of stem cells is bone marrow concentrate (BMC). At DOCS Health, we utilize bone marrow concentrate regenerative therapy as one of our joint preservation treatments at our clinic in Los Angeles.

Joints contain multiple tissues that can be damaged due to injury or degenerative disease. Damage to ligaments, tendons, cartilage, bone and tissues, like the meniscus in the knee, can cause inflammation and pain, reducing joint function. While stem cells are present in the body, they are not always delivered in high quantities to damaged joints. Harvesting bone marrow and concentrating it for stem cells and other healing factors can provide a serum to stimulate healing. Injecting BMC into the damaged joint may provide the needed red and white blood cells as well as regenerative stem cells needed for tissue repair.

Stem Cell Joint Preservation Treatment

To perform bone marrow concentrate regenerative therapy, you need to first harvest bone marrow. The bone marrow is harvested from the patient’s own bone, usually from the hip. A large needle is used to access the bone and retrieve bone marrow. It is then filtered through a centrifuge to concentrate the stem cells and other healing factors. The bone marrow concentrate can be injected directly into a damaged joint to stimulate faster healing of tissues.

BMC injections can be used for joint injuries or to reduce inflammation in damaged joints. It is a minimally-invasive procedure that can be performed in one visit with very few risks. If you are interested in learning more about joint preservation or regenerative therapies, contact us at DOCS Health. We offer bone marrow concentrate regenerative therapy and other advanced joint treatments at our orthopedic medical center in LA.