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Herniated Lumbar Disc Los Angeles, CA

The spinal discs in the lumbar spine are under the most pressure and stress. Degenerative factors and injuries to the lumbar spine can result in lumbar disc herniation, causing the spinal discs to irritate the surrounding nerve roots or spinal cord. Our neurospine surgeons at DOCS Health offer advanced lumbar disc herniation treatment and diagnosis at our medical center in Los Angeles.

The spinal discs are the cushioned tissue that reside between each vertebra to provide shock absorption and protection for the bones, spinal cord and nerves during movement. The outside of each spinal disc is a hard, fibrous tissue, while the inside is a soft, jelly-like substance. A spinal disc herniation occurs when the outside layer is damaged, allowing the soft inside to leak out. A disc herniation can occur due to a spine or back injury, but it is more common when the spinal discs become more brittle and fragile with aging.

Symptoms of a Herniated Lumbar Disc

When the outside of a lumbar spinal disc is damaged, it can protrude or bulge into the spinal column. The pressure on nerve roots can cause radiculopathy symptoms. If the spinal discs leak, the substance can cause an inflammatory reaction with exposed nerve roots or the spinal cord. Some of the possible symptoms of a herniated lumbar disc include:

  • Sciatica – radiating pain in lower back, buttocks and legs
  • Radiating nerve pain – a burning or shocking pain down the buttocks and legs
  • Numbness or weakness in legs, feet or toes
  • Foot drop

The symptoms of lumbar disc herniation vary depending on what nerves are affected. Pain and symptoms may worsen with certain movements or when hunching forward, causing more irritation on the nerves.

Lumbar disc herniation treatment can vary from conservative therapies to spine surgery, depending on the severity of the symptoms. Ice, pain medications, rest and heat packs can be effective in relieving pain and symptoms. When symptoms do not improve with conservative treatments, a discectomy or other treatments may be necessary.

If you have symptoms of a herniated lumbar disc, contact us at DOCS Health in Los Angeles to schedule your appointment. Our neurospine surgeons can provide an accurate diagnosis and recommend treatment to relieve your lower back pain and other symptoms.