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Regenerative medicine has improved the options available for treatment of degenerative diseases. In the spine, there are many conditions that can benefit from regenerative medicine, including platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections. The spinal discs are a common source of pain due to injuries or degenerative disease. At DOCS Health, we offer intradiscal PRP injections to help repair damaged discs and reduce spinal pain at our medical center in Los Angeles, CA.

Platelet-rich plasma has been used for decades as a medical treatment to aid in wound and tissue repair. In recent years, PRP injections have been studied for relieving many types of pain by stimulating healing and repair in targeted areas. PRP is derived from a patient’s blood. A vial of blood is taken from the patient, then sent through a centrifuge to filter out a concentrated plasma with red blood cells and platelets. This plasma is purified and used as an interventional treatment, injected directly to the area requiring repair. For degenerative or herniated discs, this may be near the damaged disc to help trigger healing and reduce pain.

Lumbar Disc Degeneration Treatment

The most common area of the spine to experience disc degeneration is in the lumbar region. The lower spinal discs are under more strain, which can result in flatter, brittle discs that may put excess pressure on the nerve roots. Intradiscal PRP injections can be used to stimulate regenerative healing of damaged discs, relieving inflammation and nerve root irritation at the source.

Intradiscal PRP injections can be performed in an outpatient procedure. First, the PRP is created from a sample of the patient’s blood, then the patient is prepared from their fluoroscopically-guided injection. The area is numbed before the injection is performed, guiding the needle to the desired area near the damaged discs.

PRP injections have proven to be very effective for many patients experiencing chronic low back pain due to damaged spinal discs. To learn more about intradiscal PRP injections and whether they may be right for you, contact us at DOCS Health in Beverly Hills, CA, to schedule your pain management consultation.