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There have been many incredible advancements in joint regeneration and preservation treatments in the last few decades. At DOCS Health, we have invested in cutting-edge treatments for joint pain, including regenerative medicine treatments for hip pain. Our pain specialists use a multidisciplinary approach to managing pain and improving mobility for our patients, including regenerative hip injections.

Regenerative medicine includes a variety of biological agents that can help improve repair and regeneration of damaged tissue. Instead of only focusing on relieving pain or symptoms of a damaged hip joint, regenerative medicine can help the body repair tissue or relieve inflammation. Stem cells, platelet-rich plasma and other regenerative agents can be harvested from the patient, purified and then injected directly into the damaged tissues of the hip for improved healing and repair. Regenerative medicine uses agents harvested from the patient, a safe, biological option to harness the healing properties already available in the body.

Regenerative Medicine Injections

Two of the most effective regenerative medicine options for injection therapy are stem cells and PRP. Autologous stem cell therapy uses stem cells harvested from your own body, which are purified and concentrated before injected in the desired area. For hip injuries or pain conditions, stem cell injections can help stimulate tissue repair for tendons, ligaments, bone and cartilage to restore range of motion, without negative side effects or risk of rejection or allergic reactions.

Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, injections are another safe and effective option for stimulating healing in the hip. Blood is collected from the patient, then sent through a centrifuge to filter out the platelet-rich plasma. Once purified, the PRP is injected into the hip. PRP contains growth factors that have been used safely in wound treatment for decades and may be beneficial for relieving inflammation and slowing deterioration.

If you have a hip injury or degenerative hip disorder, regenerative medicine may be an option for healing. To learn more about our advanced regenerative medicine treatments for hip pain and injuries, contact us at DOCS Health in Los Angeles to schedule your hip pain consultation.