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The ankles carry the weight of the body and require balance that can leave the joints prone to injury. The tendons and ligaments that support the ankle can be torn or stretched, resulting in ankle pain and mobility issues. Many ankle injuries can be treated with minimally-invasive, interventional pain treatments. At DOCS Health, we offer ankle injections for damage to these lower joints at our medical center in Los Angeles, CA.

There are multiple bones and soft tissues in the ankle that can be affected by injuries and disease. From ankle arthritis to injuries to the Achilles tendon and ligaments, there are many conditions that can result in ankle pain. It can be difficult to allow the ankle the rest it needs to heal from injuries, which can result in ongoing pain due to damage to the soft tissues. Interventional pain treatment can offer a minimally-invasive option to relieve ankle pain and improve healing, including the use of ankle injections.

Relief for Ankle Pain

Whether you have an ankle sprain that refuses to heal or a painful Achilles tendon strain, there are options to give you pain relief. When conservative treatments of rest, ice, compression and elevation are not effective, you may need medical attention for your ankle pain or injury. Our team at DOCS Health uses a multidisciplinary approach to pain management and injury treatment. One of the least invasive options are injections to the source of pain. Our ankle injections include:

Injection therapy can deliver medication directly to the source of ankle pain. Most injection treatments can be performed in less than an hour, and there is minimal downtime or recovery. Our medical center uses advanced imaging options to ensure all injections are delivered to the precise area needed for optimal results.

If you have ankle pain that is not responding to conservative treatments, you may benefit from interventional pain treatments. Contact us at DOCS Health to discuss whether ankle injections may be right for you. Contact our medical facility in Beverly Hills, CA, to schedule your ankle pain consultation or treatment with one of our pain specialists.