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Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery Los Angeles, CA

The knee joint is one of the most common joints that can require replacement to relieve chronic pain and improve mobility. When the joint is damaged beyond repair and other orthopedic treatments are no longer effective, total knee replacement surgery may be an option. Our board-certified orthopedic surgeons at DOCS Health offer advanced robotic knee replacement surgery at our medical center in Los Angeles.

Total knee arthroplasty is the reconstruction, or replacement, of the knee joint. In a total joint arthroplasty, the damaged joint is removed and replaced with an artificial joint. The objective of total joint replacement is to relieve the pain in the joint caused by the damaged cartilage. The artificial joint uses metal and plastic components to replace the end of the femur and tibia, connecting the associated ligaments and tendons to the new joint.

Precise, Cutting-Edge Surgical Technology

Knee joint replacement surgeries have been performed for decades, but there are advanced methods available for this procedure. At DOCS Health, we utilize cutting-edge medical technology to improve the process of inserting a new knee joint. Our orthopedic surgeons use robotic and computerized processes that give greater control over the exact placement of the joint components with smaller incisions and less tissue damage. The result is a knee joint that can last longer with a quicker recovery for our patients, improving the overall surgical outcome.

At DOCS Health, we offer a wide variety of knee joint treatments that can help our patients delay or avoid total knee arthroplasty. However, when knee joint preservation treatments are no longer effective, we offer the most advanced options in robotic knee replacement surgery. To learn more about your knee joint treatment options to relieve pain and improve function, contact us at our clinic in Los Angeles to schedule a consultation.