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Joint Preservation Treatments Los Angeles, CA

One area of orthopedic medicine that is continually progressing is joint preservation treatments. Osteoarthritis, injuries and degenerative conditions deteriorate joints over time, resulting in pain, stiffness and loss of mobility. At DOCS Health, our innovative team of orthopedic surgeons offer cutting-edge joint preservation treatments that can slow joint deterioration and improve the quality of life for our patients.

Joint pain and arthritis impact millions of people in the U.S. For many years, the only treatments available managed pain and inflammation, but they did not replace lost cartilage or effectively stop the damage to the joints. Total joint replacements were the only solution once other treatments became ineffective for controlling joint pain. Joint preservation treatments using orthobiologics and advanced surgical techniques offer new hope for those with joint pain.

Advanced Joint Pain and Mobility Treatments

Preserving the natural joint is the best solution. While you can replace many joints in the body, it comes with risks and extensive recovery time, even when the most advanced methods are used. At DOCS Health, we offer the most advanced options in joint preservation treatments, as well as joint replacement surgery, at our state-of-the-art medical center in Los Angeles. Some of the innovative joint treatments we offer include:

When joint deterioration is treated in the early stages, it is possible to slow the loss of cartilage and breakdown of tissues. Even when cartilage has been damaged, there are options to stimulate healing or replace lost tissue with surgery. Using these methods can help more people avoid total joint replacement and retain their natural joints and mobility.

If you have joint pain and want to learn more about joint preservation therapy, contact us at DOCS Health. We can schedule a personal consultation with one of our orthopedic joint specialists at our clinic in Los Angeles.