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For CRPS/Abnormal Nerve Pain/Hypersensitivity of the Limbs Los Angeles, CA

Nerve pain can occur anywhere in the body, from optical nerves causing headaches to radiculopathy affecting the feet. When nerve pain causes chronic pain, there are interventional treatments that can offer relief. Interrupting the nerve signals to the brain can be effective at managing pain. Our pain specialists at DOCS Health offer injection therapy for chronic pain at our medical center in Los Angeles, CA.

Nerve block injections can be an effective treatment for relieving pain. Nerve pain often does not respond to many conservative treatments such as OTC pain medications, ice or heat. Injection therapy can be used to find the affected nerves and create a block between the nerve source and the brain. While it does not resolve the nerve problem, it can stop the patient from experiencing pain symptoms temporarily. The procedure is minimally-invasive with little downtime needed.

Chronic Nerve Pain Interventional Treatments

There are many chronic nerve pain conditions that can benefit from injection therapy. Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), hypersensitivity in the limbs, nerve damage and other types of abnormal nerve pain can be difficult conditions to diagnose and treat. Chronic nerve pain can disrupt your life and impact your personal and professional activities. Injection therapy can be an option to minimize pain to restore your quality of life. Our injection therapy options for chronic nerve pain includes:

At DOCS Health, we utilize fluoroscope or image-guided injections for nerve blocks and other injection therapy treatments. Precision injections improve the outcomes and minimize complication risks for the patient. If you suffer from a chronic nerve condition, we offer advanced treatments to manage your pain with the least invasive therapy options available.

If you have suffered from chronic nerve pain, there are interventional pain management options available for relief. DOCS Health offers a multidisciplinary approach to pain management with cutting-edge options for neuropathic pain treatment. If you have CRPS or other abnormal chronic nerve pain, contact our team at our medical center in Beverly Hills, CA, to schedule a nerve pain consultation with one of our pain specialists.