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Facing spinal surgery is a double-edged sword for most patients. While they are desperate to relieve their pain, the idea of spinal surgery can feel frightening, adding a level of apprehension for would-be patients. However, with the advance of robotic spine surgery, things have changed dramatically from spinal surgery of 20 years ago.

Today’s robotic spine surgery offers surgical options that are much less invasive than you may expect, contributing to faster healing times and fewer complications. Both benefits lead to you gaining function and losing pain sooner and easier than ever before.

At DOCS Health, we are a dedicated group of globally distinguished orthopedic surgeons, spine specialists, neurosurgeons and pain management specialists who work together to provide our clients with advanced technology combined with superior skill and training. We are healthcare reimagined.

Our team is proud of our robotic surgical lineup, which includes today’s two main robots used in spinal surgery, the Mazor X and the Excelsius GPS. Very few places have both systems. Our team is specialized in these two top programs and will develop a personal plan for your exact requirements.

Mazor X (Medtronic) Spine Surgery Robot

The Mazor X Stealth Spine Surgery Robot from Medtronic is one of the exceptional robots we use to ensure our spinal surgeries are precise and perfect. With robotic technology instrumentation to construct and navigate, The Mazor X is one of the most cutting-edge robotic tools available. In addition, it provides up to 100% accuracy in placing screws in surgery. This precise placement can mean the difference between a life without spinal pain or continued suffering.

The Mazor was the first robot used successfully for spinal surgeries in 2004. Although it was first, it’s still one of the leading robotic software robots used today.

Excelsius GPS (Globus Medical) Spine Surgery Robot

The Excelsius GPS Spine Surgery Robot from Globus Medical is another advanced tool in robotic spine surgery. This navigation platform allows for precise sizing, positioning and placement of implants. It also integrates with digital 3D imaging, giving the surgeons a view of every detail surrounding the surgical site.

GPS technology allows your surgeon to develop a plan specific to your anatomy. This exacting placement means less time recovering with smaller incisions.

Technology Plus Expertise Equals Success

When you know your surgeons are trained on BOTH the leading robotic software and engineering, you can have peace of mind throughout your procedure, from pre-op to complete recovery. DOCS Health is one of the few places worldwide with both the Mazor and the Excelcius GPS spine robots. We are conveniently located in Los Angeles, where you can get the restorative spinal care you need.

Robotic spinal surgery allows the surgeon and the robot to control movements and decisions during your spine surgery. The reliance on the best in technology and human expertise gives you the best possible outcome for your procedure. Entering your surgery, knowing you are accessing the best in science in the hands of a trained, distinguished surgeon, gives you a head start on recovery.

State-of-the-art technology changes everything when it comes to spine surgery. The precision of robotics is unbeatable. The physicians who choose it are forward-thinking pioneers in a new, personalized level of care that will bring a new face to healthcare worldwide.

Our clinic is made up of healthcare professionals who believe the power of technology, facilitated by expertly trained physicians, brings safer and more dependable options to the surgical table. We also believe this advanced level of care should be available to everyone in need, facilitated with compassion and understanding. Our refreshing style of healthcare provides benefits beyond words for our patients.

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