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The shoulder is one of the most complex joint configurations in the body. The shoulder contains two joints, the ball-and-socket that attaches the arm to the shoulder blade and the AC joint. There is a complicated network of tendons that create the rotator cuff and many other nerves, soft tissues and bones in the shoulder. Shoulder pain, injuries and degenerative conditions require specialized care for effective treatment. At DOCS Health, we offer shoulder injections as one option for treatment at our medical center in Los Angeles.

Injection therapy can be an effective option for both diagnosis and treatment of various types of shoulder pain. Going directly to the source of pain can relieve inflammation or nerve irritation without more invasive procedures. Our interventional pain management specialists at DOCS Health always start with conservative treatment methods when possible. We offer shoulder injections for a variety of shoulder conditions that can offer relief from pain and improve joint mobility.

Precision Shoulder Joint Injections

Delivering steroids or regenerative medicine directly to the shoulder through injection is effective and minimally invasive. Our injection specialists and orthopedic physicians utilize advanced imaging to ensure injections are precisely placed for the best results. Whether you have arthritis in your shoulder that is causing pain, or bursitis, rotator cuff tears or other shoulder conditions, injection therapy may be right for you. Our state-of-the-art medical center in Beverly Hills offers the following types of shoulder injection treatments:

There have been many advances in joint treatments that can delay or remove the need for surgery. Injection therapy can provide treatment without incisions or extensive downtime for the patient, while still providing relief. Whenever possible, we focus on interventional pain treatments like shoulder injections to go directly to the source of discomfort, minimizing the use of oral medications that can have harmful side effects.

If you have a shoulder injury or condition that is causing you pain or limiting your shoulder motion, come see us at DOCS Health. We offer advanced pain management treatments using a multidisciplinary approach. Contact our facility in Los Angeles, CA, to schedule your shoulder pain consultation.