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Patient Information Los Angeles, CA

One of the key factors we focus on at DOCS Health is patient-doctor relationships. We believe that it is vital that our doctors and patients work closely together during their treatment to obtain the best results. This relationship begins by sharing information and answering questions to ensure both the patient and doctors are well-informed. We strive to make it easier to begin the process of learning more about you as a patient by sharing pertinent forms and information on our website.

Before Your First Visit

Before your first visit to DOCS Health, you may have questions about the practice and what to expect during your appointment. We have put together some basic information and answers to frequently asked questions to help you become familiar with our clinic. In addition, you can find patient forms and insurance information that you may need for your first visit. Patients can fill out relevant forms, check out new patient information and review payment policies at their leisure by visiting the following pages on our website:

It is our goal at DOCS Health to do everything possible to help patients feel comfortable and confident with their treatment plan and medical team. This begins even before your first visit by answering any questions and concerns you may have about our team, methods, financial information and more. We have compiled a comprehensive website with an abundance of information on our team, treatment modalities and methods. You are always welcome to call us with any questions you may have before or after your first visit.

If you need any further patient information before your first visit to DOCS Health, contact us at our state-of-the-art facility in Los Angeles. We look forward to helping you achieve your health and wellness goals.