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Pain signals travel along the nerves like a current. If this message system is interrupted, it can stop the brain from recognizing pain. Electrical pulses can interrupt pain signals and offer an effective interventional treatment option for chronic pain. At DOCS Health, our pain management team offers peripheral nerve stimulation (PNS) as one of our treatment options at our medical center in Los Angeles, CA.

There are multiple pain management devices and treatments that use electrical stimulation to interrupt pain signals. Spinal cord and dorsal column stimulators interrupt pain signals at the spinal cord, with probes and an electrical device that is surgically inserted in the back with an external remote control. Peripheral nerve stimulation (PNS) is a similar device, but it interrupts pain signals in specific areas. This can be used to control pain in the peripheral nervous system with more precision.

Chronic Pain Treatment

The peripheral nerves reach the extremities, including limbs and internal organs. When there is neuropathy causing pain in the wrist, knee, foot or hands, PNS could be an option to interrupt pain signals. PNS uses a trial to determine whether the patient will respond to this type of pain management. Probes are temporarily inserted near the affected nerves with an external device. If the patient responds well to the treatment and their pain is significantly reduced, a surgical procedure can place the probes and devices in the tissue for long-term pain management.

PNS can offer a patient-controlled option to stop pain when it starts. Patients can use their remote control to increase the electrical current on their device as needed to relieve their pain. PNS has been used for many decades and the newer devices are more effective than ever at minimizing pain and reducing the need for pain medications.

If you have peripheral nerve chronic pain, there are options to manage your condition. To learn more about peripheral nerve stimulation or any of our interventional pain management solutions, come see us at DOCS Health. Contact our medical center in Beverly Hills, CA, to schedule a chronic pain consultation with one of our specialists.