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The sacroiliac (SI) joint connects the sacrum of the spine to the ilium pelvic bones, providing stabilization and shock absorption for the spine. Like any joints in the body, SI joints can experience wear, damage, arthritis and other conditions that can cause pain. To determine if an SI joint is the source of lower back, pelvic or radiating pain, a sacroiliac (SI) joint injection may be recommended. We offer SI joint injections for diagnosing and treating chronic pain at our medical center in Los Angeles, CA.

SI joint pain can have similar symptoms to other lumbar spine conditions. The pain may be felt in the low back, buttocks and hip, but these symptoms can also be caused by damage to the higher spinal components. To determine whether the SI joint is the source of pain, a diagnostic SI joint injection can be performed.

To perform a diagnostic SI joint injection, we utilize our fluoroscope to guide the injection to the desired area within the SI joint. This gives our pain specialist a live view of the needle as it enters the SI joint. An anesthetic is delivered into the SI joint to numb the nerves. If the injection provides pain relief, this can indicate that the SI joint is the source of pain, and a treatment plan can be recommended.

SI Joint Injections for Pain Relief

SI joint injections can also be used for pain relief. If a diagnostic SI joint injection successfully identifies the SI joint as the source of pain, there are other injections that can be used to reduce pain. Another injection with anesthetic and a steroid medication can numb the nerves and reduce inflammation inside the joint to reduce nerve irritation. This can provide long-term relief from some types of SI joint pain conditions. Some patients may benefit from other types of SI joint injections, including orthobiologic injections to repair damage inside the joint.

If you have sacroiliac joint dysfunction, or SI syndrome, SI joint injections can be a valuable diagnostic and treatment tool. To learn more about SI joint injections for pain relief, contact us at DOCS Health in Beverly Hills, CA, to schedule a sacroiliac joint pain consultation.