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The large hip ball-and-socket joint contains the top of the femur, the acetabulum of the pelvic bone and cartilage. Pieces of bone and cartilage can break off of these components, leaving loose bodies within the hip joint that can cause functional issues and pain. Our orthopedic surgeons at DOCS Health offer treatment of loose bodies in the hip at our state-of-the-art medical center in Los Angeles.

Cause and Symptoms of Loose Bodies in Hip Joint

The hip joint is constantly in motion when you stand, walk, run or even sit. The femoral head is rotating within the socket of the acetabulum, rubbing against the cartilage lining and labrum at the edge of the socket. Injuries, trauma, degenerative disease or general wear/tear in the joint can result in small pieces of bone or cartilage that are released inside the joint. This debris can cause friction and disruption of the joint movement, resulting in the following symptoms:

  • Hip pain
  • Stiffness
  • Locking or catching sensation
  • Grinding or clicking
  • Limited range of motion or rotation

Loose bodies in the hip joint can move or migrate. You may experience pain and dysfunction then suddenly have relief if the debris moves. The symptoms can be constant or intermittent, depending on the number of loose bodies and where they are located.

Conservative treatments such as rest, ice and anti-inflammatory medications can offer temporary relief from loose bodies in the hip joint. For severe symptoms, treatment of loose bodies in the hip requires arthroscopic surgery to remove the bone and cartilage pieces from the joint.

If you are experiencing hip joint pain that may be caused by loose bodies, contact our orthopedic specialists at DOCS Health. We offer minimally-invasive treatment for loose bodies in the hip at our surgical center in Los Angeles.