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Pain is experienced due to nerve signals that are sent to the brain. If these pain signals are interrupted, the sensation of pain can be stopped. For those with chronic lumbar spine pain, one option for pain management is lumbar radiofrequency ablation (RFA), which can be completed using specialized needles. DOCS Health offers minimally-invasive lumbar RFA for pain relief at our medical center in Los Angeles, CA.

Facet joints in the spine contain medial branch nerves that can signal pain caused by inflammation and other problems in the spine. If the exact nerves that are sending pain signals can be identified, they can be destroyed to reduce low back and sciatic nerve pain. A lumbar medial branch block injection is used as a diagnostic tool to identify nerves responsible for signaling facet joint pain. Once these nerves are isolated, lumbar radiofrequency ablation can be used to destroy the nerves for long-term pain relief.

Rhizotomy for Back Pain Relief

Rhizotomy, or destroying nerve fibers, can be effective at stopping pain sensations. While it does not cure the source of pain, it stops the brain from receiving the pain signals. Rhizotomy can be achieved using a minimally-invasive nerve ablation using radiofrequency energy. The RF energy is delivered to the targeted nerves through specialized medical needles. The heat energy destroys the nerves in the targeted lumbar facet joints. Over the following days, the pain signals begin to weaken and may stop completely.

Lumbar RFA injections can be useful for patients with facet joint pain that presents as localized back pain or sciatic nerve pain that radiates down the legs. The effects of lumbar RFA occur in the weeks following the procedure and can last for several months or longer. Nerves do regenerate and the pain can return, but often it is much less than the original pain. Some patients achieve long-term pain relief from their RFA procedure.

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