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The thoracic spine contains 12 vertebrae that are connected by facet joints and separated by spinal discs. When damage or disease affects the components in the thoracic spine, it can result in pain, radiculopathy and other health problems. When conservative spine treatments are ineffective for thoracic conditions, surgery may be recommended. Our neuro-spine surgeon surgeons at DOCS Health offer surgical thoracic spine procedures at our facility in Los Angeles.

Our spine specialists at DOCS Health are committed to providing the least invasive treatments for our patients with thoracic spine conditions. Many spine conditions can be managed with interventional pain treatments or conservative therapies. However, when pain and other symptoms persist even with treatment, surgery may be the best option for long-term relief. For those with damaged spinal discs, compression fractures or failed back surgery syndrome (FBSS), thoracic spine surgery may offer the solution to repairing a painful mid or upper spine condition.

Thoracic Spine Surgery

Thoracic spine surgery can be used to remove herniated or damaged discs, as well as to repair damaged vertebrae. Whenever possible, our spine surgeons use minimally-invasive surgical methods for thoracic spine procedures to reduce risk of complications and speed recovery for the patient. We utilize advanced imaging and medical technology, including robotic spine surgery, to offer the safest and most effective procedures for our patients. Our thoracic spine surgery procedures include:

When exploring any spine surgery, you want the best team of spine specialists on your side. DOCS Health was designed with excellence in mind, with top specialists in many different spine and neurology modalities at our facility. If you need a thoracic spine procedure, you can trust our neuro-spine surgeon surgeons to use their expertise to provide the best outcomes.

To learn more about our thoracic spine procedures, contact our team at DOCS Health in Beverly Hills, CA, to schedule your consultation. We offer a wide selection of non-surgical treatments and surgical procedures for cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine conditions at our state-of-the-art medical center.