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Common Spine Disorders and Conditions Los Angeles, CA

The spine is a very complex combination of bones, ligaments, muscles, joints, soft tissues and nerves. The three main sections of the spine – cervical, thoracic and lumbar – can be susceptible to a wide range of injuries, diseases and degenerative disorders. Diagnosing spinal disorders is complicated due to the intricate nature of this complex area of the body. At DOCS Health, we specialize in diagnosis and treatment of common spine disorders and conditions at our medical center in Los Angeles.

The different areas of the spine can have similar conditions, but the symptoms will be different due to the position within the spine. Arthritis in the cervical spine will have different symptoms than lumbar spine arthritis, even though it is the same disease. Treatment may also vary for a thoracic disorder versus a lumbar or cervical condition. Our experienced neuro-spine surgeon surgeons at DOCS Health are experts at using advanced diagnostic tools to identify both the spinal condition and location to determine the best course of treatment for pain relief and improved function.

Pain Relief for Spinal Conditions

Whether you have a bulging disc in your cervical spine or thoracic back pain, you can trust our team at DOCS Health to find an effective treatment option. We offer interventional pain management and treatments, and when necessary, we can perform intricate spinal surgery. The first goal is accurate diagnosis to determine the best course of treatment. Our medical center in Beverly Hills offers pain relief and treatment for the following common spinal conditions:

If you have neck or back pain, or neuropathy due to a spinal condition, come see us at DOCS Health. We can provide diagnosis and treatment for cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine disorders. Call our medical facility in Beverly Hills to schedule your appointment.