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There are many conditions that can cause elbow pain and dysfunction. There are multiple tendons, ligaments and nerves within the elbow that can be damaged, causing discomfort. Elbow injections may be a quick and effective option to relieve pain directly at the source. At DOCS Health, we offer advanced interventional treatments for elbow pain, including elbow injections, at our medical facility in Los Angeles, CA.

Repetitive motions are often the cause of elbow pain. Two of the most common elbow pain conditions are golfer’s and tennis elbow. You do not need to play the sports to experience the injury. Many jobs and activities can put strain on the tendons and ligaments in the elbow, resulting in these pain conditions. One of the least invasive options for relieving symptoms of these types of soft tissue injuries to the elbow are injections.

Interventional Treatments for Elbow Pain

Interventional pain treatments go directly to the source of the pain to disrupt or stop the discomfort. This is our focus at DOCS Health with all our treatments, minimizing the need for oral pain medications that can be harmful or addictive. For patients experiencing elbow pain conditions, we offer a variety of treatment options, including elbow injections. Our elbow interventional treatments include:

Elbow injections can be completed in a quick, outpatient visit and may provide lasting pain relief. Our orthopedic and pain specialists can diagnose elbow conditions and recommend an effective treatment plan. Elbow injections can be combined with other treatments or used on their own for pain relief. The procedures are minimally invasive with little to no downtime for the treatment.

DOCS Health is the premier pain management facility in the greater Los Angeles and Beverly Hills area. We are a multidisciplinary medical center, using cutting-edge interventional pain treatments to improve the quality of life for our patients. If you have a painful elbow condition and want relief, come see us for a consultation. Contact our medical center to schedule your appointment to learn more about elbow injections and other treatments.