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The nerves in the cervical spine can easily be irritated, causing chronic pain and mobility issues. When there is arthritis in the facet joints, disc damage or other cervical spine conditions causing pain, there are interventional pain treatments that can offer relief. Our pain specialists at DOCS Health in Los Angeles offer minimally invasive treatments that can offer long-term pain management for neck pain, including cervical radiofrequency ablation.

What Is Cervical Radiofrequency Ablation (CFA)?

Rhizotomy is a term used for medical treatments that interrupt nerve signals using minimally invasive techniques. Cervical radiofrequency ablation (CFA) is a type of rhizotomy procedure addressing nerves in the neck that send pain signals to the brain. Once the exact nerves are identified through diagnostic methods like medial branch block injections, CFA may be recommended to stop pain signals in the targeted nerves.

To perform CFA, small needles are placed next to the targeted nerves, guided by imaging. The patient is given sedatives and numbing medication before the procedure, but is still conscious. The goal is to deliver heat through the form of radiofrequency energy waves through the needle to the targeted nerves. The ablation process only lasts about 60-90 seconds, using heat to destroy a small amount of nerve tissue to achieve rhizotomy, or interruption of the nerve signal.

CFA is used when other pain management injections or treatments are unsuccessful. The treatment is minimally invasive with very little downtime needed. For many patients, CFA can offer long-term relief from their cervical pain, improving their quality of life without requiring more invasive surgery. The results can last six months or longer, but outcomes vary from patient to patient. If needed, the procedure can be repeated to maintain pain relief.

If you have pain caused by nerves in the cervical spine, there are many different options for pain management. At DOCS Health, we offer a multidisciplinary approach to pain management with a focus on minimally invasive, conservative treatments when possible. To learn more about cervical radiofrequency ablation and other treatments we offer, contact our office in Los Angeles to schedule a consultation.