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There are dozens of bursae in the body, mainly located in the joints. These fluid-filled sacs provide cushion between bone and soft tissue to minimize friction when the joints are in movement. Injuries, repetitive movement and other factors can cause irritation and inflammation in a bursa, a condition called bursitis. The hip joints contain bursa that can become inflamed, causing hip pain and mobility issues. At DOCS Health in Los Angeles, we offer bursitis treatment, including a hip bursa injection to relieve inflammation and pain.

Bursa inflammation, or bursitis, is a common cause of hip pain. The bursae in the hip are utilized to allow tendons, ligaments and bone to move smoothly without friction, providing a smooth, soft barrier. When the hip is injured or there are conditions causing pinching or irritation of the bursa, inflammation can occur. As the bursa swells, it restricts easy movement of components in the joint. This can cause pain both in the hip, as well as radiating pain into other areas like the leg, knee and pelvis.

Hip Bursa Steroid Injections

Steroid injections are effective for relieving bursitis and inflammation in the hip joint. The injections contain an anti-inflammatory steroid and anesthetic. The local anesthetic will provide immediate pain relief in the hip joint, while the steroid takes a few days to begin relieving the inflammation and pain. Once the temporary anesthesia wears off, the hip may be sore or more painful until the steroid begins taking effect.

Bursa injections can be performed during an office visit. The area is numbed before the injection is performed. Steroid injections can help diagnose hip-related conditions, as well as provide pain relief for several weeks or months. In some cases, it can relieve pain permanently if the inflammation does not return. There is little to no downtime needed after the treatment.

If you have hip pain, you may have a bursa that is inflamed. To determine the cause and best treatment for your hip pain, come see our experts at DOCS Health. We offer interventional pain treatments and a multidisciplinary approach to managing pain conditions. Contact our office in Los Angeles to schedule your hip pain consultation today.