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The sacral nerves send pain signals when one or both the sacroiliac joints are damaged. SI joint pain can be felt in the low back, buttocks, hips and sometimes in the upper legs, depending on the nerves affected. When chronic pain has been isolated to the SI joint, there are interventional treatments that can address the nerves responsible for sending pain signals to the brain. At DOCS Health, we offer sacroiliac (SI) joint ablation injections for pain relief at our medical center in Los Angeles, CA.

SI joint pain can be diagnosed using SI joint injections. If the associated pain disappears when a numbing agent is injected into the SI joint, a pain management treatment plan can be recommended. SI injections with steroids may be used to block nerves and relieve inflammation. Another option is SI joint ablation injections, which use radiofrequency (RF) energy to destroy sacral nerves. This is a minimally-invasive procedure which can provide long-term relief for SI joint pain conditions.

SI Joint Pain Treatment

SI joint RFA is performed using a specialized devices that delivers RF energy to the targeted nerves through an insulated needle. Before the procedure, the patient may be sedated and the injection area is numbed to prevent any pain during the treatment. Our pain specialists use a fluoroscope-guided needle to access the sacral nerves in the targeted SI joint. The x-ray provides real-time imaging to guide the needle to the nerves, ensuring precise treatment. A burst of RF energy is sent through the needle to the SI joint nerves, which destroys the nerve fibers.

SI joint nerve ablation treatment requires a few weeks to resolve pain. The pain signals usually weaken over about two weeks. Patients are asked to track their pain to determine whether the treatment was effective. Many patients experience little to no SI joint pain within three weeks after their procedure. While nerves can regenerate, it can take several months, and most patients do not experience the same level of pain. Some patients have permanent SI joint pain relief from their RFA procedure.

If you have SI joint pain and you want to explore pain management options, come see us at DOCS Health. We offer sacroiliac (SI) joint ablation injections at our medical center in Beverly Hills, CA. Contact our team to schedule a SI joint pain consultation.