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The knee joint has multiple ligaments and tendons that support movement and attach the bones together. Bursae surrounding the knee joint provide cushion for these soft tissues to move and function properly. There are five different bursae surrounding each knee, and when one or more of these bursae become irritated and swollen, it can result in bursitis knee pain. The pain specialists at DOCS Health offer knee bursa injections at our medical center in Los Angeles.

A bursa is a fluid-filled sac that protects soft tissues from friction as bones move. There are dozens of bursae in the body, most found around the joints. When these sacs are irritated from overuse or abnormal movement, they can swell and cause pain in the joints. This condition is called bursitis, which can occur with any of the bursae in the knee joints. The swollen bursa could cause pain and impact mobility. To reduce inflammation, knee injections can deliver anti-inflammatory medication directly to the bursa affected by bursitis.

Knee Bursitis Treatment

Knee bursitis can occur with any of the bursae in the knee, but the most common affected are above the knee cap and on the inside of the knee. When bursitis occurs, the knee may feel warm, tender and swollen to the touch. Pain usually increases when kneeling or during movement, but the knee may experience pain even at rest. While many cases of bursitis will go away on their own with conservative treatments, some cases may need medical treatment. Knee bursa injections can help relieve the inflammation to improve mobility and relieve the pain for patients with bursitis that does not respond to other treatments.

Knee bursitis injections utilize anti-inflammatory steroid medication to reduce bursa inflammation. The injection is placed into the bursa and quickly goes to work reducing swelling. The knee may be sore temporarily from the injection, but the pain from the bursitis can dissipate within a few days.

If you have knee bursitis that is continuing to cause pain and movement restrictions, come see us at DOCS Health. Contact our medical center in Los Angeles, CA, to schedule a knee bursa injection or a consultation for treatment options.