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The hip joints are a common source of pain and mobility problems. These large joints can be susceptible to degenerative disease like arthritis, as well as other inflammatory conditions like bursitis. Hip pain can be miserable, limiting your ability to enjoy life to its fullest. Hip injections can provide relief with a minimally invasive procedure. Our pain specialists at DOCS Health offer advanced options in hip injections at our state-of-the-art medical center in Los Angeles.

Injection therapy can help manage many painful hip conditions. The most common problem in the hip joint is osteoarthritis. The stress on the joint over the years, combined with genetic, injury and other factors, can result in deterioration. Many patients experience stiffness in the joint, as well as pain caused by arthritis. Other hip joint conditions can include bursitis, an inflammation of the hip bursa, tendonitis and other injuries.

Injection therapy is an interventional treatment for hip pain and dysfunction that goes directly to the source. This can be more effective and less risky than using oral pain medications or surgical treatments. At DOCS Health, we offer image-guided hip injections to deliver medications or regenerative substances directly to the area in the hip causing pain.

Interventional Hip Pain Treatments

Hip pain can keep you from performing your job or enjoying your favorite activities. While hip disorders are more common for older individuals, they can occur at any age. Hip injections can be performed in an outpatient procedure with minimal downtime needed. Our pain specialists at DOCS Health offer a variety of hip injections, including:

For many patients with hip pain, injection therapy can offer a minimally invasive option to control their pain. Whether it is a steroid injection to relieve an inflamed bursa or stem cell injections for hip joint regeneration therapy, you can find innovative options for relieving your hip pain at DOCS Health.

To learn more about cutting-edge interventional pain treatments for hip disorders, come see us at DOCS Health. Contact our medical facility in Los Angeles, CA, to schedule your appointment with one of our orthopedic or pain specialists.