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There are many effective pain treatments that use injections. Placing medication directly at the source of pain can provide amazing relief for patients with chronic pain. However, finding the exact pain source with a needle can be risky without imaging. Every patient’s anatomy is slightly different, as is their pain source. At DOCS Health, we offer fluoroscopy guided injections to pinpoint the source of pain for accurate treatment.

Fluoroscopy is a type of imaging that uses live x-rays to give our medical team a visual of where an injection is placed. A contrast dye is injected into the treatment area to allow the x-ray device to detect the injection needle and surrounding tissue. During fluoroscopy guided injections, the physician can monitor exactly where the needle is placed to ensure it is reaching the desired position in the joint, spine or other tissue. Once in position, the medication or substance can be injected with the most accurate placement.

Benefits of Fluoroscopic Injections

The source of many pain conditions is very tiny and difficult to find without live imaging. “Blind” injections may not find the precise spot to deliver the medication, and worse, could damage nerves or tissue in the process. Fluoroscopic injections are safer and more effective, giving a live view of the needle’s position as it is inserted into the tissue. The medication can be accurately placed, even when going into delicate, tight spots like the epidural space or facet joints in the spine.

Fluoroscopy guided injections can provide safe and accurate treatment for many types of orthopedic pain. The process is similar to any injection treatment for the patient – the injection does not require any preparation or restrictions before it can be performed. The skin will be numbed first, then the contrast dye is injected to allow imaging to detect the needle and tissue. Once the needle is in the correct position, medication can be injected into the site. Usually, a numbing agent is injected first to determine if it is indeed the source of pain, then a steroid or other medication.

Fluoroscopic injections can be a valuable tool for both diagnosis and pain management. At DOCS Health, we utilize the benefits of fluoroscopy for precise, safe injections for patients at our medical center in Los Angeles. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.