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The fingers require tendons to help the joints bend and straighten. The tendons are covered by sheaths of tissue that allow them to slide easily when bending the finger joints to allow dexterity. Trigger finger is a condition that can restrict tendon movement in the fingers. A finger can lock in a bent position due to inflammation in the tendon sheath. At DOCS Health, we offer trigger finger injections that can relieve pain and restore normal movement at our medical center in Los Angeles.

Inflammation from repetitive use or certain conditions like diabetes are often risk factors for trigger finger. Also called stenosing tenosynovitis, trigger finger affects more women than men, but anyone can experience this condition. Mild cases may only present with a snapping sensation when bending or straightening the finger. More severe cases can result in the finger catching when bending or straightening, even becoming locked in a bent position. Patients experience overall stiffness in the finger and may feel a nodule at the base of the inside of the affected finger.

Stenosing Tenosynovitis Treatment

If you have worsening trigger finger, relieving the inflammation combined with other therapies can offer relief. Trigger finger injections use a steroid medication to reduce inflammation that tightens the space between the tendon and the sheath. For those who are not finding relief with other trigger finger treatments, steroid injections may offer a year or longer of improved finger mobility.

Trigger finger injections can be performed at our clinic in Los Angeles. The finger may be numbed first, then a steroid mixed with an anesthetic can be injected near the affected tendon. Steroid medications can require a few days to begin having the desired anti-inflammatory response. Patients typically can notice an improvement in their symptoms in about a week. Some patients may require more than one injection to experience the desired result.

If you have trigger finger that is restricting your finger and hand mobility, come see us at DOCS Health. We offer trigger finder injections at our medical center in Beverly Hills, CA. Contact our office to schedule a consultation or treatment.