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Femoroacetabular Impingement (FAI) Los Angeles, CA

The ball and socket hip joint contain the femoral head (ball) and the acetabulum (socket), which are meant to fit together perfectly for smooth movement. Unfortunately, genetics or other factors can cause a deformity on the hip ball, socket or both, that can hinder smooth hip movement, a condition called femoroacetabular impingement. Our orthopedic specialists at DOCS Health can perform femoroacetabular impingement (FAI) treatment at our medical center in Los Angeles.

FAI is when the bones in the hip socket are rubbing against each other due to abnormal bone growth. The femoral head or acetabulum can contain bone spurs that cause friction during movement that can damage cartilage. There are different presentations or types of FAI, including:

  • Pincher – Extra bone on the acetabulum or hip socket that can impact the labrum or socket lining
  • Cam – The femoral head is not perfectly round in shape, with bumps or spurs that cause friction
  • Combined – Both pincher and cam can be present at the same time

FAI usually occurs during the bone formations in childhood, but it can be present at birth. FAI is not caused by exercise, but it can be more noticeable in those who are athletic or more active.

Symptoms of FAI

Not everyone with FAI has symptoms from their bone condition. The more active a person is, the more likely that the bones may rub together and cause cartilage damage or pain. Some of the symptoms that may indicate FAI include:

  • Hip stiffness
  • Limping
  • Pain in the groin or outside of the hip
  • Twisting, turning or squatting may cause sharp pain

Femoroacetabular impingement treatment depends on the extent of the symptoms. Conservative treatments for mild to moderate discomfort can include physical therapy, NSAIDs for inflammation/pain or steroid injections. For more severe or ongoing pain or functional issues that are not relieved by conservative treatments, FAI arthroscopy or surgery may be recommended to remove bone growths.

If you have FAI and it is impacting your mobility or quality of life, contact us at DOCS Health in Los Angeles to schedule your appointment. Our orthopedic specialists can provide treatment options to give you relief from hip pain.