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Spine Surgery and Other Treatments Los Angeles, CA

The spine supports the back and neck while protecting the spinal cord and nervous system. When injury, wear, disease and other factors damage the spine, it can cause chronic neck, back and radiating nerve pain. At DOCS Heath, we offer cutting-edge spine treatments that can eliminate neck and back pain, as well as spine surgery. If you have cervical, thoracic or lumbar spine pain or damage, we have treatment options available at our medical center in Los Angeles, CA.

The spine consists of vertebrae, intraverbal discs and spinal joints that run from the base of the skull to the tailbone. The spine protects the spinal cord and the existing peripheral nerves while allowing the neck and back to bend and twist. This complex musculoskeletal system is susceptible to wear and tear with aging and repetitive use, as well as injury and disease. When damage occurs to the vertebrae, spinal discs or nerves, spine surgery may be required to repair the damage for pain relief and function.

Minimally-invasive Spinal Surgery

Whenever possible, our board-certified neuro-spine surgeon surgeons recommend minimally-invasive surgery for the repair of spinal damage that does not respond to other treatments. Arthroscopic surgery can minimize tissue damage when performing precise repairs to the spinal components. This can reduce pain and hasten recovery for the patient with fewer surgical risks. Some of the spine surgery options we offer at our physician-owned medical center include:

If you suffer from neck or back pain that has not responded well to conservative treatments, spine surgery could offer relief. To learn more about the minimally-invasive spine surgery options available at DOCS Health, contact our orthopedic clinic in Los Angeles. We can schedule an informative spine consultation with one of our neuro-spine surgeon surgeons.