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Cartilage Restoration Los Angeles, CA

The articular cartilage in the joints is the cushioning tissue that covers the ends of bones that are connected within the joint. Articular cartilage is vital for a healthy joint, as it allows the bones to move and slide without creating friction or bone damage. When an injury tears the cartilage or the cartilage wears thin with age or use, it can lead to osteoarthritis and joint deterioration. One solution to preserve the natural joint is articular cartilage restoration, one of the treatments available at DOCS Health in Los Angeles.

Cartilage is one of the tissues in the body that does not easily regenerate on its own. Many joints have a limited blood supply to the cartilage, restricting its ability to repair spontaneously. When a joint injury rips cartilage or repetitive wear creates thin areas covering the bone, orthopedic treatment is needed to restore cartilage tissue. At DOCS Health, we offer cutting-edge regenerative treatments to replace or restore articular cartilage to preserve joint health and function.

Advanced Joint Cartilage Repairs and Replacement

Loss of joint cartilage can lead to early onset osteoarthritis and degenerative issues within the joint. Pain, inflammation, stiffness and reduced mobility can occur. When too much cartilage is lost, the only solution may be complete joint replacement surgery. To delay or avoid joint replacement, articular cartilage restoration treatments can be used to repair or replace lost cartilage. Cartilage restoration treatment options we offer include:

Repairing or replacing lost or damaged cartilage can extend the lifespan of your natural joints. If you suffer from pain or functional issues due to cartilage damage, contact us at DOCS Health. We can schedule a cartilage restoration consultation with one of our orthopedic joint specialists at our medical center in Los Angeles, CA.