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Elbow Bursitis (Olecranon Bone) Los Angeles, CA

Many joints, including the elbow, contain one or more bursa, which are fluid-filled sacs that protect the joint. These sacs allow for tendons and soft tissue to slide and move over the bone and protect skin and other tissue from damage. The bursa in the elbow is located on the outside of the elbow at the bony point. Elbow bursitis is when this bursa becomes swollen and painful. Our orthopedic doctors at DOCS Health offer effective elbow bursitis treatment to relieve elbow pain at our clinic in Los Angeles.

Causes and Symptoms of Olecranon Bursitis

The elbow bursa is also called the olecranon bursa, as it is located between the olecranon bone and the skin. Elbow or olecranon bursitis occurs when the bursa is irritated by pressure, trauma, infection or inflammatory conditions, like arthritis. Irritation of the elbow bursa can result in swelling with added fluid inside the bursa. Symptoms can include:

  • A lump on the outside of the elbow
  • Outside of the elbow is red or inflamed
  • The skin over the bursa is warm to the touch
  • Elbow pain, especially when bending or leaning on the elbow

Elbow bursitis can occur suddenly or slowly over time. At first, there may not be a noticeable lump, but as fluid inside the bursa increases, a small bump can be felt. In some cases, rest, ice, OTC anti-inflammatory medications and eliminating irritation to the bursa can alleviate elbow bursitis. However, more severe cases may require medical treatment.

If elbow bursitis is caused by infection, the bursa may need to be drained (aspiration) and antibiotics prescribed. For other causes of severe olecranon bursitis, medical treatment can include anti-inflammatory medications, including cortisone injections. When conservative treatments are not effective, surgical removal of the bursa may be performed.

If you have a swollen, painful lump on the outside of your elbow, you may be suffering from elbow bursitis. For a diagnosis and elbow bursitis treatment, contact us at DOCS Health. We can schedule an exam with one of our orthopedic specialists at our medical center in Los Angeles.