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Tears to ligaments in the elbow are a common injury that can result in pain and limited use of the elbow. Elbow injuries occur often in athletes who use a throwing or swinging motion, including baseball and tennis players. However, elbow injuries can occur for a variety of reasons, including falls and trauma accidents. Our orthopedic team at DOCS Health in Los Angeles offers cutting-edge medical treatments for elbow injuries, including elbow injury repair with internal bracing.

What Is an Elbow Internal Brace?

When the elbow is injured due to overuse or trauma, ligaments and tendons can be damaged. In some cases, the ligaments can be torn to the point that the elbow is no longer stable, impacting function and strength. An elbow injury repair with internal bracing is a surgical procedure that repairs the torn ligament by stitching the ligament back together and adding an internal brace. The elbow internal brace is made from a special strong, fiber tape that gives the ligament support as it heals.

In the past, elbow injury repairs often included replacing torn ligaments that were damaged. A common elbow injury in athletes is a torn ulnar collateral ligament, or UCL. Tommy John surgery has been used to replace the UCL with success, but it has a longer recovery time and uses more invasive techniques than a ligament repair using internal bracing.

Complex elbow dislocations, fractures, sports injuries and other events that result in elbow ligament damage may be repairable with the use of elbow internal bracing. Our experienced team of orthopedic surgeons and sports injury specialists at DOCS Health offer elbow injury repair with internal bracing as an option for faster healing and improved elbow performance. If you have sustained a torn UCL or other elbow injury, contact us at our medical center in Los Angeles.