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Shoulder Replacement Surgery Los Angeles, CA

Shoulder joint replacement surgeries are not as common as knee or hip joint replacements, but they are a treatment option. When the shoulder joint is damaged through an injury or disease, followed by deterioration with arthritis, it can become very painful and lose its mobility. When other treatments are ineffective at controlling pain, replacing the shoulder joint may be the best option. Our board-certified orthopedic surgeons at DOCS Health offer shoulder replacement surgery at our Los Angeles medical center.

The shoulder joint is not a weight-bearing joint, so wear and tear are not as common as in joints like the hip, knee or ankle. Instead, injury and disease are the more common factors that can lead to joint damage. Shoulder dislocations or fractures can lead to osteoarthritis. Diseases like avascular necrosis can cause damage to the end of the humerus that can result in further deterioration of the shoulder joint. When less invasive treatments and even repair surgeries are ineffective at controlling shoulder pain, shoulder joint replacement surgery may be the final answer.

Artificial Shoulder Joint Surgery

The artificial shoulder joint for replacement surgery is made from metal and plastic components. One metal component replaces the humeral head (the ball) and another of metal and plastic replaces the glenoid (socket) of the joint. These components are attached to the existing bone and soft tissues are realigned to restore the function of the shoulder joint.

Shoulder replacement surgery is only recommended by our orthopedic surgeons when other treatments are ineffective. However, patients that do need shoulder replacement surgery have a high rate of success in finally relieving their chronic shoulder pain and regaining more arm mobility with rehabilitation after surgery.

If you suffer from chronic shoulder pain and lost mobility, contact our team at DOCS Health. We offer advanced methods of shoulder joint treatment, including shoulder replacement surgery. Call our orthopedic clinic in Los Angeles to schedule your consultation.