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When muscles constantly contract and do not completely relax, small knots in the tissue can form. These knots are called trigger points, which can cause muscle or myofascial pain, headaches and fibromyalgia aggravation. If trigger points do not relax or respond to conservative treatments, injection therapy may be recommended. DOCS Health offers trigger point injections to relieve muscle and other pain at our medical center in Los Angeles, CA.

Trigger points most commonly occur in the neck, arms, legs and lower back. The tight knots can cause inflammation that can irritate the surrounding nerves or the myofascial tissue that separates muscles. Treatments for trigger points can include massage, heat therapy and OTC pain relievers – when these are not effective at relaxing the muscle, a steroid injection may offer pain relief.

Trigger points can often be felt in the muscle; not only is there a lump in the muscle, but the knot is usually tender to the touch. Our pain specialists can locate the trigger points causing headaches, stiffness, muscle tenderness or fibromyalgia pain, then deliver an injection to the muscle to reduce inflammation and allow the knot to relax.

Myofascial and Muscle Pain Relief

Trigger point injections can provide effective muscle and myofascial pain relief. The injection can be performed in a short office visit. Our physicians will numb the area where the trigger point is located, then deliver the shot directly into the knotted muscle. An anesthetic combined with a steroid is used. The anesthetic can provide almost instant pain relief, but this effect will wear off in a few hours. The steroid can provide reduction of inflammation and relaxation to the muscle over the following days. Multiple trigger point injections can be given at one time if needed.

There are minimal risks or complications associated with trigger point injections. The injection site may be tender or bruised for a few days after the treatment. The results can last for several weeks to several months – some patients have permanent relief after their injection.

If you have knotted muscles that are causing headaches, muscle soreness or myofascial pain, come see us at DOCS Health. Contact our medical center in Beverly Hills, CA, to schedule your pain management consultation.