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The piriformis muscles are located on either side of the sacrum. The sciatic nerves, which are the largest exiting nerves from the spine, travel through each of the piriformis muscles and continue down through the hips and legs. If the piriformis muscle tightens or becomes inflamed, it can compress the sciatic nerve and cause pain symptoms, a condition called piriformis syndrome. Our pain specialists at DOCS Health offer piriformis block injections to relieve pain at our medical center in Los Angeles, CA.

Piriformis syndrome can cause both muscle and nerve pain. Some patients have piriformis muscle spasms, which are painful, but they can also compress the sciatic nerve. When the sciatic nerve is aggravated, it can cause localized pain on one side of the buttocks, which can radiate down the nerve. Piriformis syndrome pain can travel down into the hip and upper leg, which may be a burning or tingling sensation. This pain usually only occurs on one side of the body, and some people may experience weakness in the hip or leg.

To relieve piriformis syndrome symptoms, interventional treatments can be used in the form of steroid injections. Piriformis block injections can reduce inflammation, muscle spasms and nerve pain for relief.

Piriformis Syndrome Pain Relief

Piriformis block injections are performed under the guidance of a fluoroscope. Our pain specialist will numb the area and utilize the x-ray images from the fluoroscope to guide the needle into the piriformis muscle near the sciatic nerve. A dye may be used to provide a better view of the needle and medication to ensure the steroid and anesthetic are delivered to the correct location. The anesthetic may provide immediate pain relief, but the steroid will take time to reduce inflammation and muscle spasms. Some patients may require a series of injections to relieve their piriformis syndrome pain.

If you have sciatic nerve pain that is related to piriformis syndrome, injection therapy may offer pain relief. To learn more about piriformis block injections and whether they may be right for you, contact us at DOCS Health in Beverly Hills, CA, to schedule a piriformis syndrome treatment consultation with one of our pain specialists.