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Plantar Fasciitis and Bone Spurs Los Angeles, CA

The most common cause of heel pain is plantar fasciitis, an inflammation of the plantar fascia on the bottom of the foot. About 2 million people are diagnosed in the U.S. each year with plantar fasciitis. Bone or heel spurs also often accompany plantar fasciitis. Our orthopedic foot doctors at DOCS Health offer effective plantar fasciitis treatment at our medical center in Los Angeles.

The plantar fascia is a web-like ligament that stretches across the bottom of the foot from the heel to the ball of the foot. This thin, tough ligament absorbs shock and stress on the foot. Plantar fasciitis occurs when too much stress is put on the ligament, causing tears, strain or inflammation. Contributing factors include obesity, increased activity, tightness in the calf muscles and flat feet or high arches. Symptoms include:

  • Foot pain when at rest after activity
  • Foot pain in the morning or after rest (first few steps)
  • Pain residing on the bottom of the foot near the heel

In most cases, plantar fasciitis can be effectively treated with conservative methods. Anti-inflammatory medications, stretching exercises, night splints and custom orthotics/footwear can be used to relieve foot pain. In severe cases, surgery may be recommended if conservative treatments are ineffective.

Foot Bone Spurs Treatment

Bones spurs often accompany plantar fasciitis, but they are not the cause of the condition. In most cases, bone spurs do not cause pain. Only 1 out of 20 people with foot bone spurs have pain. Foot bone spurs treatment is usually conservative, including exercises/stretching, anti-inflammatory medications and orthotics. Rarely is surgery needed to remove foot bone spurs, but in severe cases, it may be an option.

If you suffer from heel or foot pain, you could have plantar fasciitis or foot bone spurs. To explore treatment options to relieve foot pain, contact our team at DOCS Health in Los Angeles. We offer advanced treatments for plantar fasciitis and foot or heel bone spurs.