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The cervical spine includes the top seven vertebrae in the neck, protecting the spinal cord as it exits the brain. Since the slim neck balances and moves the head, it can be vulnerable to injury and strain. Cervical spine disorders can vary from trauma to the bones, tissues or nerves in the neck to degenerative diseases and neurosurgical conditions. At DOCS Health in Beverly Hills, CA, we have an incredible team of neuro-spine surgeon surgeons that can accurately diagnose and devise a treatment plan for cervical spine disorders.

The cervical spine has less protection than the thoracic and lumbar spine. It must be more flexible as the neck and head move. While neck pain can be caused by soft tissue injuries to the muscles, tendons or ligaments, it can also be caused by damage to the cervical spine components. Cervical spine disorders can also cause neuropathy that affects the shoulders, arms and hands. Finding the source of cervical spine disorders and pain is vital to determine the best treatment to improve the symptoms.

Relief for Cervical Spine Pain

Our neurologists and spine surgeons at DOCS Health offer interventional pain treatments for cervical spine disorders. We focus on using the least invasive treatments whenever possible, starting with conservative procedures that may offer pain relief for our patients. Surgery is avoided unless it is the best or only solution available. Many cervical conditions can be effectively managed with interventional treatments such as injection therapy. When surgery is necessary, we have some of the top spine surgeons in our field to perform intricate repairs on the discs, vertebrae and nerves in the cervical spine. The cervical spine disorders we treat include:

Cervical spine disorders can result in chronic pain in the neck, shoulders, arms and hands. Whether you have a neck injury, degenerative spine disease or a spinal disorder that impacts the cervical spine, our team of experienced neuro-spine surgeon surgeons can offer treatment for pain relief. To schedule a cervical spine pain consultation, contact us at DOCS Health in Los Angeles to book your appointment.