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The nerves that exit the spinal cord travel to all the extremities of the body. When a nerve is irritated, pinched or compressed anywhere in the body, it can send sensations throughout the length of the nerve. When radiating nerve symptoms occur, it is called neuropathy or radiculopathy, which can include radiating pain. At DOCS Health, we offer neuropathy treatment at our state-of-the-art medical facility in Los Angeles.

Neuropathy can occur wherever a nerve is pinched or compressed. Nerves exit the spinal cord and travel through the shoulders, arms, hands, torso, hips, legs and feet to serve the entire body. Spine conditions can compress the nerves where they exit the spinal column, which is called radiculopathy, or anywhere in the body, which is neuropathy. Joints are often an area where a nerve can be irritated or compressed. Carpal tunnel syndrome in the wrist and hand is an example of neuropathy from an irritated nerve in a joint.

Symptoms of Neuropathy

Neuropathy can cause nerve pain anywhere in the body, which can make it more difficult to diagnose the source. Damage or irritation of the nerve can occur anywhere along a long pathway, resulting in radicular or radiating pain. When there is nerve damage or neuropathy, symptoms can include a burning or shooting pain, as well as tingling, numbness and weakness. These can impact the peripheral nerves that serve the extremities, as well as the cranial nerves and autonomic nerves.

Neuropathy has widespread symptoms and causes. Diseases like diabetes are well-known to cause peripheral nerve damage, but neuropathy can be caused by injuries, infections, chemotherapy and many other disorders. Tumors and other growths can compress or damage nerves, resulting in radiating pain. Treatments can include interventional pain management, medications and in severe cases, surgery, depending on the cause of the nerve damage.

If you have experienced radicular pain or symptoms of neuropathy, contact our team at DOCS Health in Beverly Hills to book your consultation. We offer advanced options for diagnosing peripheral and other forms of neuropathy, as well as treatment for nerve pain.