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Elbow Fractures and Trauma Los Angeles, CA

Broken arm bones are common. When the breaks occur near the elbow, it is considered an elbow fracture. All three arm bones, the humerus, radius and ulna, connect at the elbow. When an elbow fracture occurs, it can impact the entire elbow joint and arm movement. Our orthopedic specialists at DOCS Health offer cutting-edge elbow fractures and trauma treatment at our medical center in Los Angeles.

Olecranon Elbow Fractures
A common type of elbow fracture is the olecranon fracture. This is the pointed end of the ulna that creates the “knob” on the end of the elbow. The olecranon bone is susceptible to fractures, as there is very little tissue protecting the bone. Direct blows to the elbow or landing on an outstretched arm can result in a simple fracture or the bone can break into several pieces. Olecranon fractures often are solo injuries without fractures to other bones within the elbow. Non-surgical treatment can be used for less severe fractures without displacement, but open and displaced olecranon fractures may require surgery.
Distal Humerus Elbow Fractures
The upper arm bone, or humerus, connects to the elbow at the lower end, or distal portion, of the bone. Direct blows to the arm or elbow can cause a distal humerus elbow fracture; older patients with weaker bones can sustain a distal humerus fracture from falls or other trauma. These types of elbow fractures usually require surgery to reset and repair the damaged bone and elbow joint.
Radial Head Elbow Fractures
The smaller radius bone in the forearm can be fractured in falls or direct blows to the elbow or arm. Radial elbow fractures are fairly common and account for an estimated 20% of elbow injuries. Treatment depends on the extent of the damage, and if the bone is dislocated, non-surgical treatment is available for simple fractures. Surgery is often required for elbow fractures involving the radial head.

All elbow fractures can cause intense pain, bruising, swelling and disfigurement of the elbow. After receiving emergency medical treatment, contact our orthopedic specialists at DOCS Health. We can provide advanced elbow fracture treatment, including surgery, at our medical center in Los Angeles.