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The elbow joint is the connection of the three main arm bones – the humerus, radius and ulna. When one of these bones shifts out of the joint configuration, it can result in an elbow dislocation injury. If you suffer an elbow dislocation, orthopedic treatment is available at DOCS Health. We have a state-of-the-art orthopedic medical center in Los Angeles for outpatient elbow injury treatment.

The elbow joint is both a hinge and ball joint, allowing it to bend and rotate. Ligaments hold the ends of the humerus (upper arm), radius (inner lower arm) and ulnar (outer lower arm) bones together. Elbow dislocations are not common, and usually only occur when extreme trauma or impact occurs. A fall on an outstretched arm can jar one or more of the bones out of the elbow joint, causing a partial or complete dislocation. Elbow dislocations can occur in vehicle accidents, sports, falls and any trauma where an impact jolts the elbow joint.

Symptoms of Elbow Dislocation

A partial elbow dislocation occurs when one of the elbow bones slips out of place, but the bone is still within the joint. Partial elbow dislocations usually do not include any damage to the bone and may relocate into the correct position spontaneously. There is accompanying pain and swelling or bruising, but the elbow may not be disfigured.

A complete elbow dislocation is obvious. Not only is it very painful, but the elbow joint is deformed, and twisted and bruising commonly occurs. A complete elbow dislocation can be simple, without bone damage, or complex, with bone and ligament injuries.

Elbow dislocation orthopedic treatment usually begins in the emergency room. Partial dislocations can be realigned and stabilized, followed by physical therapy. Complete and complex elbow dislocations may require surgery to repair damaged bones and ligaments, as well as to realign the components in the elbow joint.

If you suffer an elbow dislocation, orthopedic treatment may be required to restore complete function. Our experienced orthopedic surgeons at DOCS Health offer the most advanced treatment options for orthopedic injuries. Contact our clinic in Los Angeles for an elbow dislocation consultation.