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Many spine conditions can cause pain due to nerve compression. Bulging or herniated discs, spinal stenosis, osteoarthritis, compression fractures and other types of spine conditions can irritate or compress the nerves, causing pain and other symptoms. Spine nerve compression can occur in the cervical, thoracic or lumbar spine, causing different symptoms depending on the location. DOCS Health offers spine nerve compression treatment at our medical facility in Los Angeles, CA.

Cervical Nerve Compression

When there is a compressed or “pinched” nerve in the neck, it can cause cervical radiculopathy. This sends sensations down the nerve that is compressed into the shoulder, arm and hand. Cervical nerve compression can cause pain in the neck, as well as sharp or burning pain that radiates into the arms or hands. Other symptoms can be numbness, weakness or tingling through the arm and hand.

Thoracic Nerve Compression

Compressed thoracic nerves are less common than in the cervical or lumbar spine, but they can occur. The thoracic spine does not move as much, so it is less susceptible to degenerative conditions that contribute to pinched nerves or radiculopathy. When a nerve is compressed in the thoracic spine, it may cause localized pain, as well as radiating pain, numbness and weakness into the chest, shoulders and arms.

Lumbar Nerve Compression

The lumbar spine is susceptible to degenerative conditions due to wear and tear caused by strain on the discs, vertebrae and facet joints over the years. Compressed nerves in the lumbar spine can be caused by degenerative diseases like arthritis, stenosis or DDD, but also may be caused by trauma or injury. Symptoms of lumbar pinched nerves or radiculopathy include low back pain, as well sciatica. Pain, weakness and numbness can radiate down into the buttocks, legs and feet.

Treatment for spine nerve compression depends on the cause of the pinched nerve and the location. Minimally invasive interventional pain treatments like injection therapy can be effective at relieving radiculopathy. To learn more about treatments for cervical, lumbar or thoracic nerve compression, contact us at DOCS Health in Beverly Hills.