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Your hands and wrists are required to complete so many tasks, especially in our electronic and digital world. Whether you work on a computer or enjoy free time playing tennis, wrist or hand pain can impact your lifestyle. Many hand or finger problems begin in the wrist joint and are often linked to soft tissue and bone conditions. If you experience acute or chronic finger, hand or wrist pain, you may benefit from interventional pain treatments. Our team at DOCS Health offers wrist joint injections and other hand treatments at our facility in Los Angeles, CA.

There are dozens of joints in the fingers, hands and wrists. All have tendons, ligaments and bones, as well as cartilage and other tissues. Many pain conditions that affect the wrists, hands and fingers are due to repetitive motions. Typing, swiping, writing and many other repetitive motions can cause irritation to the tissues in the wrist, hands and fingers, resulting in pain or dysfunction. Degenerative diseases can also play a role in wrist or finger joint pain. Injection therapy can offer a minimally-invasive option to relieve inflammation that can contribute to hand/wrist pain, as well as contribute to faster healing for damaged tissues.

Wrist, Hand and Finger Injection Therapy

Tendonitis, inflammation, arthritis and other conditions that impact the wrist, hand and finger may respond well to injection therapy. Unlike oral medications that must travel through the digestive system and bloodstream to offer any relief, interventional treatments like injections go directly to the source of pain. Our pain specialists at DOCS Health utilize advanced imaging and other technology to provide cutting-edge injection therapy for our patients. Most treatments are minimally-invasive and require little to no downtime after the procedure. Our hand, finger and wrist joint injections include:

If finger, hand or wrist pain is impacting your daily life, there are effective treatments for healing and pain management. To learn more about our interventional and injection treatments for wrist and hand conditions, contact us at DOCS Health in Beverly Hills, CA, to schedule a consultation.