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Below the thoracic spine is the lumbar region, including 5-6 vertebrae along with the spinal discs that cushion and separate these bones. The lumbar spine is constantly under strain when bending, lifting and almost any movement. When disease, wear/tear and degenerative issues cause damage to the components in the lumbar spine, it can cause pain and mobility issues. DOCS Health offers advanced lumbar spine procedures to offer relief for our patients at our medical center in Los Angeles, CA.

Our neuro-spine surgeon specialists utilize advanced medical technology and methods for accurate diagnosis and treatment of lumbar spine conditions. Whenever possible, we strive to offer relief through minimally or non-invasive treatments. Many lumbar spine conditions can be managed with interventional pain treatments, but when conservative therapy is not effective, spine surgery can be the solution. Our experienced team of spine surgeons can perform cutting-edge lumbar spine surgery to resolve herniated discs, compression fractures, stenosis and other painful conditions in the lower back.

Lumbar Spine Surgery

Lumbar spine conditions can cause chronic pain and radiculopathy symptoms that can disrupt your life. While spine surgery is always our last resort for treatment, it can offer long-term relief for many of our patients with spinal conditions. Damaged discs, vertebrae fractures, collapsed vertebrae and other conditions can impact the nerves in the lumbar spine and reduce spine stability. Our lumbar spine surgery options can repair many spinal issues and restore a healthy spine. Our surgical procedures include:

Our neuro-spine surgeon surgeons utilize advanced imaging, robotics, orthobiologic treatments and other technology when performing lumbar spine surgery procedures. If you have a painful lower spine condition, our lumbar spine specialists can recommend the best treatment to offer long-term relief. We use minimally invasive methods whenever possible to reduce surgical risks and aid in quicker recovery for our patients.

If interventional or pain management treatments are not effective for relieving your lumbar spine pain, contact us at DOCS Health. We offer advanced lumbar spine procedures and surgery at our facility in Beverly Hills, CA.