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Injection therapy can be a minimally-invasive option for treatment of many conditions. Our pain specialists at DOCS Health utilize a multidisciplinary approach to pain management, including using interventional and regenerative injection treatments. From spinal conditions and radiculopathy to muscles spasms and migraines, we have many injection procedures available at our medical center in Los Angeles, CA.

Interventional treatments strive to stop pain at the source. This can minimize side effects on the rest of the body and improve results for patients experiencing acute or chronic pain. Injection therapy is an ideal option for pain treatment, delivering medication or regenerative substances directly to the source of pain. Our medical experts utilize advanced imaging to guide injections when necessary to promote improved results and safety for our patients.

Advanced Injection Therapy for Pain

Injection therapy has many benefits for pain management. Most injections can be performed in 15-20 minutes – some types of injections require more time for preparation or post-procedure evaluations. There are minimal side effects and downtime is very limited for most injections. While we offer a large selection of spine and joint injections, we also offer other injections for soft tissue, regenerative and nerve-related issues. Our other injection therapy options include:

Injection therapy can provide temporary relief for many pain conditions. In some cases, they may provide permanent relief. The treatment can help many patients delay or avoid more invasive procedures like surgery. Injection therapy can safely be combined with many other conservative pain management treatments that are part of your personalized plan at DOCS Health.

If you have acute or chronic pain that is impacting your health or quality of life, there are options to manage or stop your pain. DOCS Health is your source for interventional and regenerative medicine injections in the greater LA and Beverly Hills, CA, area. Contact our medical center to schedule your pain management consultation with one of our specialists.