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Tight Shoes and Foot Problems Los Angeles, CA

Are your foot problems caused by tight shoes? The wrong shoes can impact the health of your feet, resulting in ongoing pain, even after you stop wearing them. Improper footwear can cause damage to your feet, resulting in long-term foot problems. If you have foot pain, it could be due to poorly fitting shoes. Our orthopedic foot doctors at DOCS Health can diagnose and treat foot problems caused by tight shoes at our medical center in Los Angeles.

Bunions, Hammer Toe, Crossover Toe and Corn Treatment

Tight shoes are not just uncomfortable; they can cause permanent and painful damage to the feet. Women are more likely to buy and wear uncomfortable shoes in the name of fashion, making them more susceptible to foot problems caused by tight shoes. Tight shoes can contribute to several different foot issues that impact foot health and pain:

  • Bunions – Enlargement of the bone at the base of the big toe is called a bunion. This can be caused by genetics and made worse by tight shoes. If conservative treatments are ineffective for bunions, they made need to be surgically removed.
  • Hammer Toe – Wearing tight shoes can cause the toes to curl up (hammer toe), causing an abnormal appearance and pain. Hammer toes may require surgery if conservative treatments are ineffective.
  • Crossover Toe – Toes that overlap or crossover toes can be caused by tight or narrow shoes. If wearing wider shoes or splinting toes is not effective, surgery may be required for relief.
  • Corns – Foot calluses or corns are caused by rubbing on the skin when wearing improperly fitting shoes. Corn pads and changing shoes can be effective at treating corns.

If you have foot problems from wearing tight shoes, the first step is to find comfortable, proper-fitting shoes. The second step is to get treatment for your ongoing foot problems. Our orthopedic foot specialists can treat most foot problems caused by tight shoes at our medical clinic in Los Angeles. Contact DOCS Health to schedule a consultation for you or a family member.