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The lumbar spine includes the last five vertebrae, L1-L5 (some people may have an L6), in the lower back. This section of the spine is between the thoracic (upper back) and sacral spine (tailbone) and is a common source of lower back and radiating neurosurgical pain. The lumbar spine is subjected to excess strain, resulting in a higher risk for injury and degenerative disorders. Our neuro-spine surgeon surgeons and spinal experts at DOCS Health offer advanced diagnosis and treatment for lumbar spine disorders at our medical center in Los Angeles.

There are a plethora of disorders that can impact the lumbar spine, many with similar symptoms. Diagnosing spinal disorders can be very difficult – even if imaging shows damage to a disc or vertebrae, there can be other conditions that are responsible for causing pain. Accurately diagnosing lumbar spine disorders and pinpointing the exact source of pain are critical to determining the best treatment plan to provide pain relief. At DOCS Health, we utilize cutting-edge diagnostic tools and treatments to offer relief from lumbar spine pain.

Pain Relief for Lumbar Spine Conditions

From ruptured spinal discs and vertebrae fractures to osteoarthritis and sciatica, there are many lumbar spine conditions that can cause pain and functional issues. Lower back pain can be caused by soft tissue damage, or the source can be in the lumbar spine. At DOCS Health, we utilize interventional pain diagnosis and treatment to find the source of lower back pain and lower extremity radiculopathy that originates in the lumbar spine. We offer treatment for the following lumbar spine disorders at our medical center in Beverly Hills:

If you have chronic lower back pain, sciatica or other symptoms due to a lumbar spine disorder, come see our team at DOCS Health. We specialize in spinal disorders, utilizing advanced diagnostic tools and treatments to provide pain relief for our patients. Contact our medical facility in Los Angeles to schedule your lumbar spine treatment consultation.