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The hip joints are put under an extreme amount of weight and exertion every day. Stability within the joint is crucial to ensure balance when walking, running, jumping and even standing. There are many components of the hip joint that contribute to hip stability, and when one component is damaged, it can cause hip instability problems. At DOCS Health in Los Angeles, our physicians and surgeons offer hip instability treatment to relieve pain and restore normal hip function.

Causes and Symptoms of Hip Instability

The top of the femur and the acetabulum part of the pelvic bone are the ball and socket of the hip joint. These bones are held in place by various ligaments and supported by muscles and tendons. Inside the joint, the labrum and cartilage seal and cushion the socket to allow easy movement. Any trauma or disfigurement to these elements can cause hip instability. Injuries to ligaments, bone, tendons, muscles or labrum can result in lost stability. Some conditions and diseases can also cause hip instability, such as FAI, degenerative disease or hip dysplasia.

Hip instability can occur suddenly with trauma such as a gluteus medius tear or joint fracture, or it can begin slowly from degenerative disease or other issues. Symptoms of hip instability include:

  • Hip pain
  • Popping or clicking sensation in the hip joint
  • Laxity or loose feeling
  • Limping

While some hip instability injuries may be treated with conservative measures, including rest, ice and anti-inflammatory medications, others may require medical treatment. Hip instability can result in further damage to the joint and a higher risk for osteoarthritis and other issues. Injection therapy, physical therapy and surgery are possible treatments, depending on the cause of hip instability.

If you have symptoms of hip instability, our orthopedic team at DOCS Health can help find the right treatment to give you relief. Contact us at our clinic in Los Angeles to schedule a hip instability exam and consultation with one of our orthopedic specialists.