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The knees are two of the most troublesome joints when it comes to chronic pain. These joints are put under extreme stress, whether you are an athlete or just climbing flights of stairs every day. Knee pain is common, and it can derail your plans if you have a busy or active lifestyle. At DOCS Health, we have innovative options for managing knee pain with interventional treatments. Our medical center in Los Angeles offers various knee injections to give our patients relief.

The knee joint includes four bones and multiple ligaments and tendons that allow it to bend, twist and function. While it is versatile, it can succumb to wear, tear and injuries from continuous use. Inflammation is common in the joint from arthritis, tendonitis or bursitis, resulting in pain and mobility issues. Knee injections offer minimally invasive options to relieve inflammation and pain or provide regenerative medicine to help with joint preservation.

At DOCS Health, we have a team of pain specialists, orthopedic surgeons and innovative medical professionals that work together to provide exceptional pain management options. Our state-of-the-art medical center utilizes advanced technology and methods to offer our patients cutting-edge options in pain relief treatments, including image-guided knee injections.

Interventional Knee Pain Treatments

Injections can be performed during outpatient visits to our clinic in Beverly Hills. Most treatments do not require extensive downtime; patients can usually return to normal activities the next day. Our goal at DOCS Health is to help our patients live a fuller, more active life by managing or resolving their pain condition. Our interventional knee pain treatments using injections include:

Knee injections can offer relief from injury or degenerative pain conditions. Whether you have acute pain from a recent injury or chronic pain from years of stress on the knee joints, there are options to manage your pain. To learn more about knee injections and preserving your joints, contact us at DOCS Health in Los Angeles to schedule a knee pain consultation.