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The foot and ankle are comprised of multiple bones and joints to allow flexible movement and balance. When the foot or ankle bones are impacted by arthritis, poorly healed injuries or other problems that cause pain or lost mobility, foot fusion surgery may be an option to relieve pain or restore function. Our orthopedic surgeons at DOCS Health offer ankle and foot fusion surgery as an option for foot pain and functional issues at our medical clinic in Los Angeles.

Certain foot conditions can cause pain due to bones shifting or rubbing against each other, soft tissue or nerves. Ankle or foot fusion surgery is designed to fuse bones to stop movement, increasing stability and reducing discomfort when standing or walking. When other methods of treating bone fractures, arthritis, flat feet or other conditions where the bones in the foot cause pain or function issues fail, fusing the bones may be an option.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Ankle or Foot Fusion Surgery?

Foot and ankle fusion surgeries are usually recommended for those who have not found relief for their foot condition with other treatments. This can include those with ankle arthritis, arthritis in other foot joints, flat feet and foot fractures. When interventional and minimally-invasive treatments do not alleviate the pain or improve mobility, fusion foot surgery may be the best option. Ankle fusion surgery is often recommended for those with severe ankle arthritis who are not good candidates for ankle joint replacement surgery.

Foot fusion surgery can be performed on the ankle, midfoot or hindfoot, depending on the location of the problem. Two or more bones can be fused together. Since many of the bones in the foot are normally rigid, fusing usually does not greatly impact movement within the foot. The surgery can provide the needed stability with a high rate of success for improving foot function.

If you have ongoing foot issues due to wear and tear or injuries to the bones or joints, ankle or foot fusion surgery may be a treatment option. The experienced team of orthopedic surgeons at DOCS Health offer foot and ankle fusion surgery at our medical center in Los Angeles – contact our office today to schedule an appointment.