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Patient Testimonials Los Angeles, CA

I met Dr. Siddique in August 2018. I had been experiencing numbness, weakness and pain in my legs and feet for some time now. I could not sit down or get up without pain or without having to rest immediately after.

What I had thought to be a leg(s) or neurosurgical issue, turned out to be a very bad low back problem. It had only been a matter of days between seeing my primary care physician and getting into see Dr. Siddique, however my symptoms had quickly worsened. I could barely walk… I learned that I had an inch and half displacement in my low back!

Dr. Siddique got me into surgery right away. I had told him I had a trip planned to Italy and I was determined to go. From beginning to end, Dr. Siddique was attentive to my needs and aware of future plans. Dr. Siddique ensured that I received proper post operative care and at my first post- operative appointment when I told him I would be going Italy, he signed off!

I had the best time of my life and walked everywhere and even saw the pope! Not long after, I visited my son in North Carolina. It was a great time and I am so grateful to be walking!

Thank you Dr. Siddique for all your help!

Rebecca H.– ( 01/12/2019)

When I went looking for a surgeon to perform a surgery I was told was difficult by other orthopedic professionals, I wanted to find the surgeon who instilled both confidence and trust through good honest listening skills. We used to call it “bedside manner”.

I knew that Dr. Siddique was that doctor from the first time I spoke to his office and his wonderful assistant Amanda. Not only was I greeted with compassion (living with chronic pain and staring at a tough surgery was scary, to say the least), but I met a doctor who explained the good and the bad of my condition. He did not treat me as a patient but as a person, with understanding, courtesy, and respect.

I knew then and there that he was the person to perform any surgery within his realm. And I am so glad that I went with my first impression! He has kept me up and running for 5 years and I know that he will have this 66-year-old dancing till I am way in my 80’s. And when you add the support staff at DOCS (Drs. Nini and Lee for pain management, the wonderful nurses and anesthesiologists, and his office staff), this patient has never found better care.

H.R.FOX – ( 02/01/2019)

Getting old really stinks! Over the past couple years it seemed like I was having more and more aches and pains everyday. I kept telling myself, you’re getting older, you slept wrong, you lifted something too heavy… We also live in a rural area that there are many dogs thrown away out here, so we also spend a lot of time rescuing dogs, so I thought maybe my symptoms were caused due to caring for them.

I kept putting it off, until October 2016 when the pain got so bad and my left arm wouldn’t move anymore that finally went to my doctor. The pain was severe in my neck, shoulders, arms and especially in my hands, especially in my left arm.

After multiple tests, including X-Rays and a MRI I was told there was several things going on with my neck, shoulder, hip and lower back. Amidst all the symptoms, my passion is rescuing stray and abandoned dogs.

The pain in my neck, shoulders, arms and hands were not getting any better so my doctor told me I needed to see a specialist. I told my doctor that not only did my physical therapist recommend Dr. Siddique but 8 of our neighbors recommended him as well. Our neighbors had personally seen Dr. Siddique, all had had surgery, and ALL were extremely satisfied with their results. Remember I mentioned we live in a rural area? The population here is almost 3,000 (which I think includes all the stray dogs too.) So, to have 8 neighbors that have had surgery by Dr. Siddique in such a small community is pretty impressive and ALL had the same things to say about their experience with Dr. Siddique and his facility. That alone speaks volumes!!!

My doctor confirmed that Dr. Siddique is the “Best of The Best” and was more than happy to set everything up for me to get an appointment.

Back to my left shoulder, arm and hand pain. After meeting with an Orthopedic Surgeon in Visalia, I ended up having my rotator cuff and bicep repaired August 29, 2017. I thought for fun this would help with the pain, but it didn’t. My surgeon told me the pain I was continuing to have was due to Cervical Spine Stenosis and he told me to go to Dr. Siddique.

Since I had just had shoulder surgery and my insurance required we try “less invasive” measures prior to surgery, Dr. Siddique scheduled my first neck injection in the back of the neck, with hopes to relieve some of the pain. During my appointment with Dr. Siddique he advised me that not only did I have Cervical Spine Stenosis, I had bone spurs that were pinching the nerves. He said that he hoped the injections would help but ultimately I would need surgery. I was very impressed that a surgeon wasn’t in a hurry to cut on me and wanted to do everything he could to help relieve the pain.

So back to Physical Therapy for my shoulder surgery and while I as there, I had the opportunity to talk to other patients that had also been to Dr. Siddique. Again, all extremely happy with their results.

The injections to the back of the neck did not help, still pretty severe pain, so March 2018 I had injections in the front of my neck.

In the meantime I went back to my surgeon in Visalia for the pain I was having in my hip. After more X-Rays and an MRI I was told I had tore the tendon in my left hep and would have to have a full Gluteus Minimus Repair which was done September 6, 2018. All along, my surgeon was adamant about me going back to see Dr. Siddique.

Dr. Siddique’s office requested a new MRI and scheduled an appointment for me to follow up with the good doctor. November 2018 we made the 2 1/2 hour trip back down south.

Let me take a minute to mention that at each visit I was in awe with how Dr. Siddique’s office is managed. We never had to wait long for our appointment, everyone is always so professional and friendly. Everything seems to run like a well oiled machine, no clumsiness or lack of organization. And Dr. Siddique…. Well, he has a confidence about him, not arrogance, confidence that puts your fears or concerns at ease. Dr. Siddique is honest, forthright and throws no punches.

During my appointment, Dr. Siddique confirmed the bone spurs had got bigger, the Stenosis was worse and it was time to fix it. He was very patient answering questions and explained everything so that even a small town country girl could understand.

December 18, 2018 I had my surgery, bone spurs removed and artificial disc put in. Everything was set up in advance for my recovery and to make sure my husband was able to stay with me. His staff handled EVERYTHING, including having my postoperative prescriptions delivered to the hospital so I didn’t have to go get them. Where can you go and have everything handled so efficiently like that? No where in our neck of the woods! This is why people travel hours to, not only to have the best care, but to deal with a higher level of professionalism.

I was told the pain was not going to go away over night, the damage was pretty bad and my body needs time to heal. The week after surgery, we rescued 7 puppies that were sick and an other pup that had been thrown away in a grove out in the country. With temperatures dropping near freezing, we knew we could not leave any of them out to fend for themselves, no matter what my health status was.

As of now, I still have the pain in your arms and hands and the neck pain is getting better. I get up everyday, take my son to school, come home and care for all twelve dogs. The pain is there, I feel it everyday and although it may slow me down, it will not stop me!

My advise to you is First: Listen to your body. Pay attention to they aches and pains, don’t be afraid to get it checked out. I’m not saying to be a Sissy LaLa, but if your pain is there for any period of time, find out what’s going on. Second: Ask and listen to friends and professionals about recommendations. These people have no reason to tell you anything but truth and want what’s best for you. Finally, last but not least: Go to The Best of The Best! Don’t waste your time or energy on anyone less.

I highly recommend Dr. Siddique, he and his team will treat you with compassion and a professionalism that you will not get anywhere else.

Dawn I.

My life changed in Sept 2017. I was hit by a drunk driver while getting in my car.

I sustained multiple injuries and the worst of them was in my low back & legs.

Prior to the accident, I was a very active individual – constantly on the go.

Suddenly, I found myself unable to care for myself. The quality of my life had deteriorated, possibly the the darkest period in my adult life.

Nevertheless, I was still determined to get better. After countless session of physical therapy, injections and months of rest.. I had had enough. My symptoms also just kept getting worse. I was referred to Dr. Wong by my pain management doctor, who had told me Dr. Wong was the best.

I met Dr. Wong, in Feb 2018. On our first visit, I could not get over how young he was, but it was clear that he knew what he was talking about and doing.

I let him know that I had tried everything- medication, injections and physical therapy, nothing helped or the relief faded quickly. At first, Dr. Wong recommended that I try more avenues of conservative treatment. I was ok with that, as I was also not ready with the idea of surgery.

I was doing ok, until I was hit by a car again while getting into my Taxi on 05/2018.

I could not believe my luck. I went to see Dr. Wong right away and it was a pretty emotional appointment. I could no longer hide my pain. My friends and family could also see I had become depressed and miserable, unable to do the things I loved and enjoyed, let alone accomplish basic daily human means of self-care.

I told Dr. Wong I was ready for surgery. He recommended a “Minimally invasive spine surgery” and I was all in! He spent a lot of time explaining the surgery he recommended. I could tell he really cared. He answered all my pre- and post-op questions, taking his time and really explaining everything.

I had later learned from my pain management doctor that he called my pain management doctor at 10: 30 pm! Just to tell him that he concerned about new leg symptoms and wanted to go over a few more things on the new imaging I had gotten.

“Wow,” I thought to myself, “Dr. Wong really does care!”

I am two weeks post-op and I have never felt better in such a long time. I am now able to walk and sit without pain, go to the cleaners and take care of myself! My friends and family can all I see the change in me as well.

I am so grateful for Dr. Wong and the team at DOCS!

Thank you for all you have done!

Cheo. S