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Delivering medication or regenerative agents to the source of pain through injection is a minimally invasive and effective pain treatment. A small needle can reach the source of pain in the spine, joint or tissue and provide the needed substance to relieve pain. Our pain management specialists at DOCS Health offer a wide selection of pain management injections for patients at our medical center in Los Angeles.

Our goal at DOCS Health is to provide innovative treatment solutions for patients who are experiencing acute or chronic pain. Injections are an excellent interventional pain treatment tool that can specially target the source of pain. From steroid injections to relieve inflammation to platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and stem cell injections for tissue regeneration, we offer cutting-edge treatments for effective pain management. Many patients are able to avoid more invasive treatment or surgery by following a treatment plan that includes the use of pain management injections.

Precision Injection Treatment

We embrace interventional pain management methods at DOCS Health, including using targeted injection therapy. Going to the source of the pain and providing treatment to stop or minimize the pain can eliminate the need for oral medications that can be harmful to the rest of the body. We utilize advanced techniques to ensure pain management injections are precisely placed for safe and effective outcomes. Our physicians use fluoroscopy and image guidance to ensure precise placement of our pain injection treatments, which include:

The most common areas for pain management injections are the joints and spine. These are components that often have inflammation that can cause pain and mobility concerns. Delivering medications like corticosteroids to the precise source of pain can offer quick and effective pain relief without ingesting drugs that can be addictive or cause unwanted side effects.

To learn more about pain relief injections and other interventional pain treatment modalities at DOCS Health, contact our office in Los Angeles. Our friendly staff can schedule your pain management consultation with one of our specialists.